Popular with these ladies bags this year

In the summer, the most indispensable part of the girl’s wardrobe is the long skirt. So what is the bag with a good look? The bag is also one of the must-have items for girls. So what bags look good? Let’s take a look. These ladies bags are popular this year~

First, clutch bag

The small clutch can also be very handsome, with a long skirt of the same color, full of attack.

clutch bag

Similarly, the clutch can be very elegant, with a white T-shirt and a plain print dress, feminine.

clutch bag

Second, round bag

This small size round package is strong! A strong retro atmosphere, with a long skirt is simple and elegant.

round bag

Third, the chain package

A woman without a chain bag is like a woman without a lipstick. There is no future! An exquisite temperament chain bag is sure to meet your daily needs.

 chain package

The size of the ultra-mini is also very popular in the summer. After all, the mobile phone and the key are OK in the summer, and it is very convenient to carry.

 chain package

Fourth, handbag

Handbags and clutches have the same effect, and the long skirts are an example of elegance. Whether you are attending a banquet or a formal occasion, you can easily hold it.


This square-shaped handbag with a strong sense of line is more textured. With a long lace skirt, incarnate a small woman.


Five, bucket bag

The solid color design does not have too much fancy embellished bucket bag looks foreign and advanced, with a long skirt looks very textured.

bucket bag

Sixth, the national wind tassels

The ethnic tassels are not hot enough, and the long skirts are very exotic. The saddle color is the most classic match.

bucket bag

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